Hello friends, let’s look at ionic framework folder architecture in this post. Actually, there is no obligation for that. As your application grows, it becomes difficult for you to follow the folders. I just recommend to you this way is very easily for me when building a mobile application.

  • guards
  • models
  • pages
  • services
  • utils

I separate the folders under the app folder, guards, models, pages, services for api and utils such as pipes.

Under the guards folder, I create the guard files for auth operations.

Under the models folder, I create my model files.

Under the pages folder, I create my pages or modules if I need a separation between two different modules in my app.

Under the services folder, I create my web api files, local services such as notification or storage as at below.

Under the utils folder, I create util files such as pipes operations.

I think, there are many ways , you should choose one of them for more fun and easy way of coding.

For project source code :